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Societal and technological changes that are posing new challenges for education around the earth. Our country's knowledge base is expanding at an unprecedented rate. The number of people who can easily access information has expanded exponentially and the speed at which information can be obtained has accelerated to a degree that could hardly have been imagined a few short decades ago.

Those who can learn rapidly, can absorb and organize information efficiently, and can use what is known in creative ways will prosper and advance in the global community. Those who lack the skills to take advantage of the opportunities afforded by the information age will face the danger of being left far behind.

In response to the challenge of preparing the young to succeed in the new age, Simpering - the solution for assessment and evaluation exploring new ways to increase the overall capabilities of today’s students in the form of Central Evaluation Scheme.

National Level Benchmark Assessment for Indian Schools (NLBA) is a National Level assessment programme for English, Mathematics, Science and Social Science for Grade V, VI and VIII.

Significance of NLBA

  • It provides opportunities to schools to compare the performance of students with national performance.
  • It creates an academic environment in the schools and channelizes the student's ability to academic concert.
  • It helps students to understand their strength and weakness related to their learning and provides a relevant feedback on their learning
  • It develops self confidence among students to meet future challenges.
  • It helps teachers to understand effectiveness of their classes and execution of lesson plans.
  • Outside evaluation of academic performance always make children and teachers to show better performance.
  • It enables them to analyse student's performance in order to take remedial measures.

Benefits for the school

  • Helps the school to maintain an academic environment.
  • It helps school to compare performance in scholastic areas at school, regional and National Level. Solution for tracking student's progress over the year.
  • Tool to identify strengths and weaknesses of schools and enable them to take appropriate steps for providing high quality of education.
  • Schools receive a detailed report at the end of each term by including subject wise average, state and national average.

Benefits for the students

  • Helps students to go with academic track and opportunities to students to explore their scholastic abilities.
  • Helps students to understand their strength and weakness related to academic performance.
  • Gets an opportunity to appear a well structured and research oriented examination.
  • It also assess problem solving, creative and critical thinking skills of students.

Details of NLBA

  • Eligibility: Students who study in class V, VI and VIII
  • Syllabus: CBSE Curriculum – NCERT Text Books
  • Format: Multiple choice questions
  • Medium of Questions: Only English
  • Number of Examination: 4 (Two for each term)
  • Number of questions:
    • NLBA 1: English and Social - 80 multiple choice questions (40 questions from Social Science and 40 questions from English)
    • NLBA 2: (Science and Maths) - 80 multiple choice questions (40 questions from Science and 40 questions from Mathematics)
  • Mode of Evaluation: External evaluation by SIMPERING
  • Duration : 2 Hrs
  • Last date of registration : July 30
  • Annual Exam Fee : Rs. 200 (Only hundred rupees) for 4 examinations.      Register Now!

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