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In Indian school education system, there has long been dissatisfaction with evaluation which has been methodologically inflexible and uncertain or misguided as to its role. For many schools on India, decisions related to the assessment of the students’ learning are confusing one. Due to the plurality of India designing a common assessment is not a simple task.

Even many in-service trainings are provided for the teachers related to teaching methodology, students teachers relation, challenges of teachers Etc. but this was very less in assessment especially in question paper preparation. Our research team found that nearly 73% of schools have not a proper system of question paper preparation.

Simpering provides a solution for this by providing scientifically designed question papers as per the instruction of CBSE, NCERT & Educational Policy of 2005and 2019.

  • Eligibility: CBSE Schools of India (From class III to XII)
  • Syllabus: CBSE Curriculum
  • Textbook: NCERT Text Book
  • Syllabus Breakup: Download Syllabus Breakup
  • Medium of Questions: Only English
  • Subjects: English, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, Business Studies and Accountancy.
  • Mode of Evaluation: School should evaluate the papers based on the answer key provided.

Features of question papers

  • Question papers are designed as per CBSE, NEP 2019 guidelines.
  • Question papers for classes III to XII
  • Ensure a national standard in Assessment.
  • Scientifically designed question papers to cater 21st century curriculum.
  • Strictly adhere to Blooms Taxonomy.
  • Provision for the evaluation of ‘Multiple Intelligence’.
  • Involvement of more than 500 teachers.
  • We provides detailed syllabus breakup.
  • Answer key for the evaluation.      Register Now!

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