NEP 2020 encourages changing the evaluation system and switching from rote memorization testing to competency-based learning in order to enhance students' growth.
This examination will concentrate on examining fundamental concepts, knowledge application, and higher order thinking skills. By giving schools diagnostic data on students' learning, SAFAL will assure progress over the course of a student's academic career and promote the transition of schooling to competency-based education.
The findings of this evaluation will mostly be used to give schools input on how they may improve rather than to advance kids to the next grade. All of the schools affiliated with CBSE are invited to compete in SAFAL


  • Measure the effectiveness of Learning system
  • Assess School level performance on key competencies and proficiency levels
  • The assessment of core competencies
  • Assist schools by providing a reliable and comparable ‘absolute’ measure of learning for parents, schools and state officials to assess school performance on core concepts
  • Develop a formal protocol and collect valid and reliable data to chart performance on competencies
  • Systematic monitoring and reporting of learning levels
  • Monitor the progress


What are the Benefits?

  • System-level assessments or evaluations for schools, regions, or national education system
  • To know about the real performance and Corrective measures
  • Preparation for PISA Participation
  • To Know where we are?

What strategies will be used?

  • Systematic shift from Online to Offline Assessment
  • Setting chapter wise competency Assessment Tools
  • Systematic Implementation of various pattern of questions to students
  • Chapter wise Offline/Online Assessment

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