Grades 3,5 and 8 of CBSE schools of India


Yes, allowed

It is a combination of both online and off line

Power (Combined for All Three Classes) Amount Remarks
Up to 100 10000 Onetime Payment
Up to 150 12500 Onetime Payment
Up to 200 15000 Onetime Payment
Up to 250 17500 Onetime Payment
Up to 300 20000 Two-time payment
More than 300 25000 Two-time Payment

No, school alone can register

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July: 30

SAFAL Preparatory examination is an effort by SIMPERING ASSESSMENT AND EVALUATION to familiarise schools and students with this Assessment. It is not like any other training test; its purpose is to ensure that students have enough practise to participate in SAFAL without confusion..

  • Familiarise students about different patterns of questions.
  • Familiarise school about mode of conduct of examinations.
  • If pupils attempt SAFAL without sufficient practise, the school will not be able to provide a true analysis of their performance.
  • Gain a better understanding of the obstacles that low-performing students encounter, as well as corrective approaches.
  • As it is a national Level examination it can be used for ‘Bench Marking’.
  • SIMPERING was the first organisation in India to implement this type of assessment in 2018.

As a preparatory test, the school is responsible for collecting the appropriate amount from students to cover registration fees, printing costs, and postal expenses.

Minor adjustments are permitted with prior approval.

No, it is limited to only 500 schools, with first come, first served.

Yes, however the school must pay a one-time registration cost. Rs. 10,000

Yes, for more information please contact

  • The principal receives scurrying research materials
  • Monthly Presentations for Scholastic and Co scholastic Activities.
  • Annual gift.

Register your school in any one of the activities (SAFAL Preparatory Examination, Question paper for CBSE School

  • Simpering launched the NLBA in 2018 with a similar format to the SAFAL Test; for permanently enrolled schools, the NLBA Test will continue for classes 7.
  • Grades 3, 5, and 8 automatically transitioning to the SAFAL Preparatory Test.
  • New NLBA registrations will not be accepted after January 2023.

  • Tests Language, Mathematics and Science/EVS
  • Measure school and students performance
  • Assesses proficiency levels and competencies
  • Avoids any use for detention or promotion

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