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Know About SSAERC

SIMPERING - SIMPERING SOULUTION FOR ASESSMEMNT, EVALUATION AND RESEARCH CENTRE (SSAERC), is an organization founded in 2012, strives to fulfill its primary objective of equipping educators with the necessary knowledge and competencies to construct assessments that are equitable, credible, and dependable, accurately gauging students' educational progress.

The organization endeavors to cultivate and advocate for exemplary standards in assessment and evaluation, while concurrently extending guidance and assistance to teachers engaged in the process of formulating and executing assessments.

Our Mission

  • Our mission is to facilitate educators with premium-grade assessment tools and resources that bolster student learning and foster academic accomplishments.
  • We make it our utmost endeavor to equip educational institutions with the essential assessment tools and resources, enabling them to devise, administer, and interpret assessments that are characterized by fairness, validity, and reliability.
  • Our unwavering commitment lies in promoting assessment practices that fortify student learning and achievement, all the while ensuring the principles of equity and impartiality in assessments.
  • We firmly believe that assessments should be harnessed as a means to enhance instruction and nurture student progress, rather than being utilized as punitive measures.

The vision of SIMPERING is to conceive, endorse, and facilitate a culture of perpetual advancement within educational institutions via meticulously crafted assessment and evaluation programs grounded in scientific principles. In collaboration with schools throughout India and the education community at large, SIMPERING diligently pursues its mission by fostering an environment conducive to innovation in student learning and the overall educational landscape

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